Why We Exist

One in every three worship leaders are burning out. The average tenure for a worship leader at a church is 2-3 years. We’ve found that one of the greatest contributing factors is an incomplete understanding of their roles as worship leaders. Our consumer culture has placed a weight of expectation on the shoulders of worship leaders that enslave them to performance. We believe that when a worship leader has a rock-solid understanding of their role and responsibility that has been formed by Scripture and the experience of faithful leaders, they are able to withstand the many challenges of ministry and the pressures of our culture. Only then can they lead long and well.

Meet The Team

Josh James
Executive Director

Josh has been leading worship and growing as a pastor for the last 13 years. A graduate of Grand Canyon University with a BA in Christian Studies, he has a heart for discipleship, particularly for investing in worship leaders.

Through his experience leading youth, college campuses, and adult congregations in worship, Josh has developed a passion for equipping leaders to have a biblical and philosophical understanding of worship leading that enables them to lead confidently and faithfully wherever God calls them.

Josh has developed worship leading curriculum for high school students as well as seasoned, veteran worship pastors. His heart beats for the local church, for the worship leaders in the trenches, and for the next generation!

Josh, his wife Brynne, and their son Ezra (1) currently live in Phoenix, AZ.

Martha Irvine
Vocal Development Coach

Martha is an Arizona native and Pastor’s Kid who grew up serving in the church and leading worship alongside her family. She loves the local church community and a passion for worship through singing.

Martha earned her Master’s degree in Contemporary and Commercial Voice Training in 2015. She has been coaching worship leaders and teams as well as teaching private voice lessons at the college level.

Martha serves as the Likewise Voice Development Coach and Women In Ministry Mentor. She is excited to equip and encourage Likewise worship leaders to find vocal freedom and establish sustainable, functional based techniques that give them the tools they need to maintain vocal health and joy in singing. She is also grateful to mentor and support other Likewise women who are also serving in worship leading roles.

She has been leading worship for over 20 years and is currently serving as the worship leader at Pinnacle Community Church in Phoenix, AZ. When she is not singing or teaching you can find her hiking, hanging out with her 11 nieces and nephews, or sitting in a quiet corner with a good book, her Bible, and a cup o’ joe.