Custom Curriculum

Are you a school, university, or church? Likewise Academy would love to provide you with a custom curriculum for training worship leaders!

Why Education

One in every three worship leaders are burning out. The average tenure for a worship leader at a church is 2-3 years. We’ve found that one of the greatest contributing factors is an incomplete understanding of their roles as worship leaders. Our consumer culture has placed a weight of expectation on the shoulders of worship leaders that enslave them to performance. We believe that when a worship leader has a rock-solid understanding of their role and responsibility that has been formed by Scripture and the experience of faithful leaders, they are able to withstand the many challenges of ministry and the pressures of our culture. Only then can they lead long and well.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide worship leaders with the biblical and practical knowledge necessary for years of faithful ministry to the local church. While the art of worship leading isn’t learned in the “classroom”, a biblical and philosophical understanding of worship leading must be laid as a sure foundation for future learning. There is no shortage of gifting in today’s world. But there are lots of worship leaders who feel the pressure to perform.

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